27 Clever Ways to Use Heroclip that Make it the Perfect Gift for Anyone

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With three different sizes, an assortment of fun colors, and countless uses, the Heroclip makes a versatile gift that could add utility into anyone’s life. With the holiday season coming up, we’ve built you a full list of clever ways to use the Heroclip, with handy uses for everyone on your list.

  • Hang home plants: With COVID keeping us home more these days, many folks have come to decorating their spaces with plants to make things feel alive and open. Hanging plants have become more popular as a way to save floor space and enhance a room’s vibe. Heroclip makes for a great way to hang plants in your house. Just attach it to a basket or pot and clip the carabiner to a hook. 

  • Clip a water bottle on your backpack: Stay hydrated on your hike or morning commute by clipping your water bottle to the outside of your backpack or computer bag for easy access.                                                                           
  • Hang purse/bag on a bathroom door: Keep your purses and bags off bathroom floors while doing your holiday shopping by hanging them on the door with Heroclip. 

  • Clip to your keys: Probably one of the most practical and common uses of the Heroclip is to use it to hold all of your keys. This keeps your keys together and ensures you have a Heroclip handy at all times.
  • Hang a bucket on a ladder: Painting the house? Cleaning the gutters? Hang your paint or water buckets on the side of your ladder to prevent you from having to go up and down while getting the job done. 

  • Organize computer cords: It’s time to get that home office organized. With computer cords, phone chargers, and HDMI cords, desk spaces can get cluttered quite quickly. Keep your desk looking neat by clipping all of your cords together.

  • Putting up Christmas lights: Swap out the zip ties and tape, and use Heroclip to help keep your Christmas lights up on your house this year. 

  • Hang kids toys on car seats: 2020 has turned out to be quite the year for road trips and local travel. Keep your kids occupying and entertained by hanging their toys, ipad, and games behind the driver and passenger seat. 

  • Dog walks: Your neighbors and fellow park-goers will thank you for using Heroclip to attach doggie bags to a leash. Or just attach it right to your dog so you’re prepared for anything on your next walk.

  • Extra hand on a stroller: Taking your kid on a walk sometimes takes a lot more supplies than you think and it’s always better to be prepared than not. Hang your baby bottle, toys, or extra jackets on the side of your stroller using Heroclip. 

  • Clip gear to tripod: Your camera gear is expensive. It’s best to keep it close while on shoots. That’s why we recommend hanging it all on your tripod.

  • DIY Ornaments: Looking for a way to hang any small item you would like on your tree? Use Heroclip Mini to hang pictures, small items, or really anything you like on the Christmas tree to make your own DIY ornament. 
  • Press elevator buttons: Now is the time to be extra cautious with the surfaces we touch. Minimize your exposure by using Heroclip to press elevator buttons whether it’s at the mall or your apartment building.

  • Hanging and storing bikes: What better time than now to re-organize your garage or gear shed. Use the Heroclip Large to hang bikes up to save space and eliminate clutter.

  • Extra coat hanger: Winter is coming and sweater season is upon us. Use Heroclip to hang your coats wherever there is a ledge, shelf, or bar when your coat rack is full. 

  • Attach water shoes to hiking backpack: Who wants to put their smelly sandals inside their pack with the rest of their clean clothes and food? Attach your tevas, chacos, or choice water shoes to the outside of your hiking pack with Heroclip. 

  • Hang gear on car rack: Most people have a love/hate relationship with packing and unpacking the car for long trips. Use Heroclip to hang gear on your car rack during that process to keep you organized and efficient. 
  • Hang kitchen towels and pot holders: Save your counter space for the mouthwatering food you're making and use Heroclip to keep your kitchen towels and potholders close. 

  • Hang mistletoe: Tis the season to kiss your special someone under the mistletoe. Spice up your holidays and hang a mistletoe above your doorway with Heroclip.

  • Hang mask in car: We definitely did not think this would be a use just a year ago, but here we are. Use Heroclip to hang your masks in your car, by your front door, or in your office so you always have one handy when you are ready to venture into public spaces. 
  • Sweat towel hanger: Keep your sweat towel clean and off the ground by hanging it off your workout locket or weight rack.

  • Carry groceries: Clip your groceries together and carry them using Heroclip. If you have a stroller or bike, you can use Heroclip to attach it to those items. 
  • Open doors: Prevent having to touch doors and use Heroclip as an extra hand to open them up.

  • Hang kid’s backpacks: Kids love to just throw their backpacks anywhere they please when they get home. Create a dedicated space where they can hang their backpacking with Heroclip. 

  • Hang off the side of hammock: Use a Heroclip to hang snacks, bags, headphones, or really anything off the side of your hammock.

  • Extra road trip storage: Packing the car for a road trip sometimes looks like a Tetris puzzle. Create extra space and storage by hanging items on the grab handle.
  • Hang lighting sources outside: This year, more and more folks have taken to gathering outside to stay distanced while still being able to socialize. Don’t let the party end when it gets dark, and use Heroclip to hang a lantern or twinkly lights in your outdoor gathering space.

  • Although this list is long, it’s far from complete. The creative ways to put your Heroclip to use goes on and on. The best part is whether you are an artist, mom, carpenter, road-trip enthusiast, skateboarder, or party host, the Heroclip has a good use for anyone who can get their hands on one. Stoke out the special someone in your life this holiday season and throw a Heroclip in their stocking and maybe even hang that stocking up with a Heroclip! 


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