5 Reasons Heroclip is a Weekend Getaway Essential

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With all of the time many folks are spending in their homes, the quick weekend getaway to a local destination provides a nice change of scenery and time to relax, adventure, or maybe a little of both in a safe and responsible way. While weekend trips don’t require the extensive packing that a 2-week trip overseas does, there are still some things that are essential for a short getaway. With its versatility and packability, Heroclip is a great trip essential to add to your packing list. From creating a more efficient packing process to keeping your bags off the floors at outdoor restaurants, Heroclip is a trusty helping hand on your weekend getaway. Keep reading for 5 reasons to add Heroclip to your packing list. 

Reason 1: Efficient Packing and Unpacking

Probably considered the least favorite parts of a trip for many folks, packing and unpacking can be tedious and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay organized while packing and unpacking with Heroclip. Attach smaller bags to the bigger ones to keep them together when packing up the car so nothing gets left behind. When you have arrived at your destination and are ready to unpack your car and bags, you can use Heroclip to hang your bags outside while unlocking the door. With three sizes of Heroclip available, Heroclip can keep your items big or small close by when you are packing and unpacking. 

Reason 2: Hang bags at outdoor restaurants to keep them off the ground 

Outdoor dining is a safe way for people to enjoy some delicious meals at popular restaurants. Many restaurants have come up with creative ways for people to dine at their restaurants in a safe way outside, with tables that are socially distanced, outdoor heaters in areas that are colder, and tents for areas that either have lots of sunshine or rain. Whether you’re enjoying a morning mimosa and omelette or a steak and wine dinner on your weekend getaway, Heroclip can help you hang your bags on the edge of your table or chair so that they don’t have to be on the ground. This will keep any dust or dirt off of your bag and keep it close so you don’t have to worry about it.

Reason 3: Extra Hanger at Hotel/AirBnB/Ect. 

Although most hotels and airbnbs have a list of amenities that you can see before you book, they don’t always list the number of items available and little things like hangers are not always available. Heroclip is the perfect solution for this problem. Be prepared when you get to your airbnb with Heroclip as it is the perfect way to hang up extra coats or clothes that you don’t want to get wrinkled by being folded. Hang your toiletry essentials in the bathroom so that you are not constantly having to open and close your bag.

Reason 4: Car Organization

Weekend getaways usually mean travelling by car to a location close by. Road trips definitely can be fun, but packing up the car usually requires some tetris-like skills and creativity, especially for those folks who tend to overpack. Heroclip can give you a little more flexibility in packing the car by allowing you to hang items from different ledges in your car, car door grab handles, and sun visors. This is a great idea for items that you would like easy access to like sunglasses, face masks, and jackets. 

Reason 5: Spontaneity

Some of the most fun times on weekend getaways are the ones that you didn’t plan for. Maybe it was checking out a restaurant you heard about from another guest at the hotel. Or maybe you drove by a beautiful beach and decided to watch the sunset there. Weekend getaways tend to be less planned than longer vacations that may have more excursions arranged ahead of time. Having a Heroclip with you is the perfect way to make sure you are prepared for whatever you end up doing on your trip. Heroclip can help keep your essentials organized and close for whatever adventures may come your way during your weekend getaway.

COVID is teaching many folks how to be masters of the local getaway. Packing, traveling, and exploring somewhere requires you to be prepared with the essentials to make it a relaxing and fun trip. We hope after reading this blog you are convinced that Heroclip is a weekend getaway essential. For some other clever ways to use your Heroclip on your weekend getaway, check out this blog. Leave us a comment to let us know what other ways you have used Heroclip on your local trips and staycations. 

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