Ski Gear Essentials to Bring to the Slopes

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Packing up to hit the slopes involves a long list of gear. Skis, snowboard, boots, goggles, gloves – all the must haves when heading out to the mountain for a day of runs. But it’s important to think of the non-obvious details, too – the handy items that keep you comfy, organized and properly fueled. From hydration tablets to stay energized, to Heroclips for hanging your gear, to goggle spray that fights the dreaded “fog gogg”, the list we provide below will ensure that your day on the slopes will be that much more enjoyable.

Essential #1: Hydration Tablets

Carving fresh tracks and making turns take up a lot of energy. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s smart to carry water during the ski day, whether you are using a hydration pack or have a water bottle in your jacket pocket. To really stay hydrated, we recommend adding some hydration tablets into the equation. These tablets like Nuun typically contain electrolytes which would be an extra help to replenish your hydration levels while you’re on the mountain.

Essential #2: Heroclip

Days on the slopes can sometimes have lots of little items you want to keep close and organized on the drive up the mountain. With three different sizes, Heroclip is perfect for your snow sport adventures. From clipping gloves and mittens to your snow jacket, to hanging up your jackets and helmets in the car, Heroclip will help keep your gear tidy and close for when you need it. 

Essential #3: Hand and Toe Warmers

A fun day of shredding the gnar can become considerably less enjoyable when your fingers and toes are freezing. That’s why we think hand and toe warmers are a gear essential to add to your packing list for a day on the slopes. Hand and toe warmers are typically just a few bucks and available at many outdoor and snow sports stores and will make all the difference if your hands start to get cold. They usually come in individually wrapped packets that you can just keep in your pocket until you’re ready to use them. 

Essential #4: Anti-Fog Goggle Spray

Anyone who has been on the ski hill knows that it’s no fun when your goggles fog up mid-run. There are some free ways you can avoid the dreaded goggle fog like limiting the amount of times you move your goggles around and letting them air dry after a day in the snow. There are even goggles and lenses that have anti-fog technology. That being said, a good anti-fog goggle spray to keep in your car or backpack on ski days may prevent you from catching an edge or having a blurry ride through fresh powder. 

Essential #5: Mask 

While many skiers are already used to covering their faces while on the mountain to stay warm, many ski resorts are requiring face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can wear your typical cotton face masks that you wear everyday, but there are also gaiters that now have filters so you can keep your face warm and yourself protected from COVID-19.

Essential #6: Extra Pair of Socks 

After a day of getting sendy on the mountain, nothing can beat a fresh pair of socks for the drive home or back to the cabin. Bring an extra pair of socks or two on your ski days so you don't have to walk or drive around with soggy socks.

Essential #7: Ski Repair Kit 

Loose bindings? Wonky ski boot? No problem. Having a set of repair tools ready will make sure you are prepared for any little problem with your skis or snowboard that you may encounter out on the slopes. A multi-tool or small repair kit that you can keep in your pack or pocket is a great addition to your ski day essentials to prevent you from having to go down to the repair shop when your bindings get loose in the middle of your run or at the top of the ski lift. It is also another way to protect against COVID-19 so you do not have to use the resort’s tools. 

Essential #8: Portable Phone Charger 

It seems like many phones don’t like the cold weather, making the battery drain quicker than normal. Although you might not be on your phone the whole day, it’s always good to have it in case you need to communicate with someone. There are power banks that are small enough to fit in your pocket so that when your battery starts getting low, you have extra power to rely on so there’s no worries when you are trying to find your friend on the mountain or coordinate for a post ski-day cheers. 

Essential #9: Sun Screen 

Goggle tans may be unavoidable, but sun burns are preventable. While it may not be your first thought to wear sunscreen on the mountain, it is important to keep your face protected from the sun and the reflection of it off of the snow. Powder Magazine reported that skiers are more likely to get skin cancer, reminding all ski bums of the importance of wearing sunscreen. Zinc-based sunscreen is a good pick for skiers and snowboarders as it offers greater protection against UV rays. 

Essential #10: Snacks

Energy Bars. Trail Mix. Candy. Beef Jerky. That’s just a few ideas for pocket snacks to have while you’re up on the mountain. Staying fueled will keep your energy up so you can ski all day.  Have a snack in between runs or while you’re riding the lift up (only if you are with your COVID pod, of course!). Try to pick snacks that have sugar, carbs, and protein in order to get the proper nutrients so you can slash that fresh powder and stomp all of your tricks. 

Whether you are an avid black diamond skier, backcountry powder hound, or just taking it easy on the beginner runs, a day on the slopes is bound to be a bit more epic when you come prepared with the right gear. We hope this list of ten ski day essentials will keep you stoked as you make turns and carve fresh tracks this winter. Let us know what essentials you bring for a day on the slopes in the comments below!

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