Storage Hacks to Help You Cleverly Store Art Supplies, Outdoor Gear, and Really Anything

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Storage Hacks to Help You Cleverly Store Art Supplies, Outdoor Gear, and Really Anything

If you’re like us, arts and crafts are more than just a hobby. They are an escape into imagination and inspiration. But even the most adept artists and crafters can find themselves having issues storing supplies properly. In fact, whether you’re a craftsperson, a DIYer, an outdoor aficionado or really anyone, organizing your gear can be tricky. With this in mind, we wanted to share several of our favorite storage hacks that are easy to do, cost effective, and will inspire organizers of all walks.

Hack #1: Hanging Sculpting Tools

Just because artists are typically stereotyped as unorganized and scatter-brained doesn’t mean their creating spaces have to be. Ceramicists are a type of artist who utilize many different tools and instruments that allow them to make beautiful objects out of clay. It’s important that they are always organized and that their gear stays within arm’s reach. Hanging tools using a Heroclip is a great way to keep tools organized and off of your workstation tables. This will keep your tools at eye-level and allow for easy access when you are ready to use them.

Hack #2: DIY Tape Dispenser

We all know that working with tape can end up a sticky, tangled mess without proper organization. Let’s be honest: usually when we are looking for a roll of tape, we are searching junk drawers. Then we find them tangled up or with the edge of the tape stuck to the roll. This leads to wasted time and frustration as you sit there trying to find the edge with your finger nail. A simple solution that only requires a little woodworking (or crafty MacGyvering) is to make a jumbo tape dispenser, ready to hold all different types and sizes of tape. This allows for easy access and also with using the hacksaw blade on the edge, it helps you get the right amount of tape every time.

Hack #3: Paint Brush Clips

How do you normally store your paint brushes? This simple hack using clothespins, tupperware, a couple pieces of wood and screws, and binder clips is a genius way to do so. The first step here is to drill some screws into the top piece of wood. Ideally, you would drill enough to hold your essential or everyday paint brushes, evenly spaced apart to allow enough room for the clothespins to be clipped on them. Then, attach the wood piece with the screws to the tupperware using the binder clips. This is a perfect solution to letting your paint brushes dry without being left in a cup of water. It protects the points of your brushes from splitting or losing it’s sharpness. You can use this hack merely as storage, or you can use it during your painting process. Just make you stroke, wash it off, and clip it back up to keep them organized. This hack is also great for keeping oft-used pens, or ski waxing gear like files and wax, at the ready.

Hack #4: Polymer Clay Storage 

The last thing you want after creating an intricate polymer clay piece is for it to be ruined because of the way you stored it. We’ve found the best way to store them are in plastic bags, but it is essential to make sure your plastic bags are compatible. To test this, place a piece of polymer clay in the bag for a month and if at the end of that time you are able to remove it without it getting stuck, that is a compatible bag. When you have a compatible bag, rip one side of the bag and slide your piece in. Using your hands, seal the bag on all edges around the piece and smooth the bag on top of it. Then, close the top and you essentially have an airtight seal. Check out the video instructions here.

Hack #5: Corkboard Paint Storage

This corkboard paint storage not only allows you to keep your paints organized, but also is a fun way to display all of the colors in your studio. Using a corkboard, pushpins, and binder clip, you are able to show off your rainbow array of colors. This hack is simple and requires just a few minutes of putting the tacks evenly spaced in the corkboard and attaching the paints using the binder clips. Corkboard hacks like this are also perfect for anyone with hobbies that feature small, pin-able or clippable gear like fly fishing (flies, leader, tippet).  

Hack #6: Magnetic Scissor Strip

As a kid, you surely have heard your mom say don’t run with scissors. But, has anyone told you to not run around looking for scissors? Don’t waste your time looking for scissors in random household drawers and craft boxes. Keep your scissors at hand reach by attaching a magnetic strip in your workshop or craft room. They hold scissors perfect and are an easy grab and go when you need them. Not a scissor power-user? This hack is great for any small-medium metal tools you want to keep visible and ready to use.

Hack #7: Ribbon Storage

Whether you are wrapping Christmas presents or creating hair ties, we all know that ribbons quickly can become a knotty mess in the matter of minutes when thrown in a basket or storage container. A simple solution to this problem is to buy a plastic organizing storage basket that has holes in it. Once you have this basket, line up your ribbon rolls in two rows and slide the edge of each roll through one of the holes. This way, you can now pull and cut your ribbon through the holes and it will prevent them from getting tangled with the other rolls. If you’re a backpacker or outdoors person, you’re probably already envisioning the paracord version!

Hack #8: Glue Gun Rest

This hack is for all of you glue gun enthusiasts out there. While glue guns are great for arts and craft, they are also great for creating a sticky disaster all over your table or floors. This little hack involves only a binder clip. While the glue gun is still hot and you're putting it down in between uses, stick the tip of the glue gun through one of the holes of the binder clip. This will keep it upright and prevent it from sticking to your table or workspace. An additional quick tip is to place a silicone pot holder underneath the binder clip for any stray drippage. 


As we head into fall and the holiday season, keep these storage hacks in mind. From crafting to woodworking, and even outdoor gear storage, keeping things organized is essential. An organized space fast tracks you into creative flow. We hope you enjoyed these storage hacks!

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