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July 09, 2018

Heroclip vs. Qliplet: The Evolution of a Pretty Special Clip

Every invention has a story, in fact, the original carabiner (which comes from the German term Karabinerhaken, meaning ‘carabineer’s hook’) wasn’t initially invented for climbing. It was initially a type of lightly armored calvaryman mid-1600s France. They carried a special type of rifle known as a ‘carbine’ (carabine in French), and used a strap with special hooks to carry them, but the hooks didn’t really have a special name at the time. It wasn’t until 1910 when German mountaineer Otto Herzog (whose nickname was “Rambo”) saw members of a fire brigade wearing oblong clips on their belts and decided it...

May 10, 2018

Heroclip Reviewed on Gadget Review!

Let Heroclip give an extra hand, and let Gadget Review bring you the latest news and reviews in active tech and gadgets! Full review inside.

April 30, 2018

Heroclip® Upventur Review - A New Era of Carabiners

A big thank you to our friends at for posting an in-depth review of our Heroclip! Upventur is a social start-up for the adventurer in all of us. Discover new products and read about all about Heroclip on their website!

December 13, 2017

Wonderfully Detailed Review of Heroclip from Trailspace

Among the best reviews we have received! This is the most thoughtful, in-depth review I've seen in my time at Heroclip! What a great overview of the product and its qualities. Heroclip thanks Mike Mineart for his detailed and exhaustive review of our carabiner. Check it out at, and learn about real-world weight limitations and use-cases for Heroclip! Mike even included his own video to demonstrate how the clip open & closes. Thank you, Mike!    

December 12, 2017

Heroclip Featured in Gadgeteer's Holiday Gift Guide

Gadgeteer rediscovers Heroclip! When we first made our way into Gadgeteer's coverage, we were calling our amazing little do-it-all carabiner the Qlipter, and it looked a little different than it does today. 2 product revisions later, we're Heroclip and we're excited to be featured on Gadgeteer again, this time in their holiday gift guide! Check it out for recommendations for the gadget-oriented in your life :)

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