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September 26, 2019

Founder Mina Yoo and Heroclip among Title 9 Pitchfest Winners

Hold on to your butts... our very own badass female founder, Mina Yoo, Ph.D., just won a pitchfest on behalf of Heroclip! If you haven't already heard, Title 9 is one of the oldest organizations out there supporting women-led businesses, and their Movers and Makers Pitchfest gives these entrepreneurial women a chance to share their experiences and knowledge with one another while also pitching their company and product. And we won! Along with two other companies, Mina Yoo and Heroclip were announced as this year's pitchfest winners, and we are honored! Check out the original article for all the details,...

September 24, 2019

Heroclip Featured in Cairn Box, Blog

Heroclip® has finally found its way into a Cairn box, and we're excited about it! In case you don't know, Cairn is a subscription box of goods for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, and Heroclip Small was just included! On top of that, Cairn has written up a blog detailing just ten uses to get new users started with their Heroclips, so we thought we'd repost to spread the word. Head over the Cairn blog to learn more about our most versatile size, and their wonderful outdoor box!  

June 12, 2019

5 Great Heroclip Uses for Runners on Youtube

Will is That GoPro Guy hangs out with Heroclip and gives us five great uses for runners.

April 16, 2019

Outstanding Review of Heroclip Small up now on Trailspace

Mike Mineart of Trailspace publishes a thorough and detailed review of Heroclip Small, packed with useful information about the entire Heroclip product line

February 19, 2019

RECOIL OFFGRID Reviews Heroclip

Check out the latest Heroclip review for inspiration and great product information from RECOIL OFFGRID

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