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June 21, 2018

Meet the Finalist - Our CEO Mina Yoo!

Mina Yoo is a Camber Pitchfest 2018 Finalist! What's in a Pitchfest Entrepreneur? Meet the finalists over at! Pitchfest is a program designed to promote and accelerate the growth of the most innovative, women-led teams in the active-outdoor industry. Learn more about Pitchfest right here! Check out the recent article on our wonderful and fearless leader, Mina Yoo, inventor of Heroclip! Courtesy of Camber:  "Behind every great idea is an inspired leader and a story—one that speaks of unique experiences, backgrounds, and paths. As Pitchfest 2018 nears, we’re diving in with our finalists to learn what drives them and what has shaped each...

June 15, 2018

Heroclip Highly Commended in Carryology's Sixth Carry Awards!

A huge thanks to Carryology for including Heroclip in their sixth annual Carry Awards! The competition this year was stiff, with a host of great bags, everyday carry items and accessories in the running for awards and placement. Heroclip missed the top accessory spot by a hair, but are thrilled to have placed in the Highly Commended category! From Carryology: "Some designs make you stop and think “Huh, why have we never done it this way before?” The Heroclip is one of them. Simple but genius, the design combines a hook and clip in one. And for even better adaptability,...

May 24, 2018

Heroclip Featured in Adventure Journal's Camp Goodies for the Summer!

Heroclip is proud and excited to be featured in this awesome post by Adventure Journal! Read the whole post for lots of great gear that any camping enthusiast would be happy to own. Heroclip is in good company with growlers, camp sandals, power solutions and other non-essential but insanely useful items that make getting outside easier and better. Maybe I'm biased (working at Heroclip will do that to a fella), but my Heroclips have become invaluable and downright indispensable for my outdoor adventures. I'd never leave home without a gaggle of 'em. Many thanks to Justin Housman and Adventure Journal for including our Heroclip!

May 19, 2018

Camber Outdoors Announces Pitchfest 2018 Finalists

What is Pitchfest? Great Question, readers, great question. Pitchfest is a program designed to promote and accelerate the growth of the most innovative, women-led teams in the active-outdoor industry. Learn more about Pitchfest right here! We're excited to announce Heroclip has been selected as one of 7 finalists for the Camber Outdoors 2018 Pitchfest! Check out the whole press release here, and check out Camber while you're at it! We are thrilled to be moving forward in this process with them and exciting to be working with an orginization so dedicated to advancing innovative products and promoting women-led teams in the outdoor...

May 11, 2018

Heroclip on Local TV Station King5!

90% of mom's have ideas for new products, but a fraction of that number will ever act on those ideas. That's according to a survey conducted by Heroclip inventor and CEO, Mina Yoo, who wanted to see what she could do to get more mom's product ideas out there and developed. After all, problem-solving is part of a mom's job. Now, Heroclip is back on King5 this week as part of their Mother's Day programming because Mina Yoo is a mom and a kick-ass entrepreneur! Watch as she explains the origin of our Heroclip and some advice (particularly aimed at mom's with great ideas)...

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