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November 14, 2018

Heroclip Featured on NBC's Superstore!

Hey guys, Have you seen Superstore? It's an NBC sitcom starring America Ferrera about the daily perils of running one of America's biggest supermarkets. It's got lots of laughs, hijinks, and fun characters, but more importantly, it recently had some Heroclips on the shelf! This was a lot of fun for us to see and we hope it's a fun cameo for you, too. As of writing, NBC is offering free streams of all its Superstore episodes on its website, so head over to the episode in question to see Heroclip on primetime! We show up around 6:10. Thanks to...

May 11, 2018

Heroclip on Local TV Station King5!

90% of mom's have ideas for new products, but a fraction of that number will ever act on those ideas. That's according to a survey conducted by Heroclip inventor and CEO, Mina Yoo, who wanted to see what she could do to get more mom's product ideas out there and developed. After all, problem-solving is part of a mom's job. Now, Heroclip is back on King5 this week as part of their Mother's Day programming because Mina Yoo is a mom and a kick-ass entrepreneur! Watch as she explains the origin of our Heroclip and some advice (particularly aimed at mom's with great ideas)...

May 03, 2018

Heroclip On NBC King5!

Check out Take 5: A new segment from NBC's King5 network that examines local culture and happenings in an around Seattle. On this segment, King5's Angela Russell takes us on tour of Seattle's University Village b8ta store, an exciting new take on retail where new and innovative products can feel at home, and where Heroclip has been a hit since February!  Heroclip and its inventor, Mina Yoo, make an appearance on the segment at 1:31, don't miss it!! A big thank you to Angela, the Take 5 team and King5 for including us!

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