Why Heroclip is the Best Gift to Give Anyone This Season

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Why Heroclip is the Best Gift to Give Anyone This Season

There is a gifting holy grail. It’s when you give someone a gift one holiday season and learn, a year later, that they still use it all the time. And the year after that? Same story. This is the promised land every gifter searches for – the gifting Garden of Eden.

Now, there are plenty of ways to achieve this, but there are very few ways to achieve this for everyone on your list with a single item. No, I’m not talking about socks. I’m talking about the hyper-versatile, easy-to-use, sleek, strong and essential Heroclip. From outdoor enthusiasts to moms, neat freaks to DIYers, everyone has a reason to keep a Heroclip on their hip (many reasons, in fact). In this article we’ll highlight a few types of people that you probably have on your gift list and break down the ways Heroclip will be their go-to tool for years to come.

The Adventure Enthusiast

We all have that person in our life that never seems to be in one place, especially on the weekends. You’ll catch them trekking forest trails, driving on long road trips, and camping in national parks. The Heroclip is a clever gift to give to the adventure enthusiasts because they have more gear than they can keep track of and need to be prepared for the spontaneous trip. They can use Heroclip to hang gear from odd places like trees, boulder ledges, and car tailgates. When on long backpacking trips, they can keep their snacks, water shoes, and compass in reach by attaching them on their packs. Whatever the activity or adventure this nature junkie is on, they will appreciate having a Heroclip (or two) in their back pocket, or should we say hiking backpack. 

The Maker

2020 has forced us to get creative with the activities we love to do. For the creatively inclined it’s been a chance to double down on our art. Many artists, crafters, designers, and makers have used this time to build on their skills and realize mind-blowing creations. Heroclip makes a great gift for creatives and craftspeople as they can use it to organize their supplies, have an extra hand during their projects, and keep their tools at the ready. Whether they’re a photographer, ceramicist, jeweler, or woodworker, the left-brained person in your life would benefit from having a Heroclip in their supply box.  

The Green Thumb

Plant lovers take care of their ferns and succulents like they are their babies. Especially during COVID when the majority of us are spending more time at home than usual, there are lots of folks out there who have made their homes into personal greenhouses (a quick scroll through Instagram confirms this). And who can blame them? Plants offer a slew of health and aesthetic benefits. Heroclip is a perfect holiday gift for anyone who hangs plants, waters plants, weeds, gardens or mows. It’ll keep your succulents securely hung and your hedge trimmers, too. It’s the perfect hack for keeping plants healthy and any space looking clean. 

The On-the-Go Parent

Meet the “On-the-Go” Parent, the one that is up early meal prepping and all around town from soccer practices to social distanced playdates. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the frequent outings and activities, but they definitely could use a helping hand. That’s why heroclip is a parent-pleasing gift. The “On-the-Go” Parent can hang extra bottles and toys off the stroller on their morning walks. When holding their child’s hand crossing the street, they can hang their keys or other essentials on their purse or backpack. They can clip important and fragile items out of their kids’ reach. And what about those chaotic car rides around town? Hang toys or tablets on the back of car seats so they can focus on driving safe, while knowing their kids will be entertained.

The Professional Recreationalist

This is the person who has a cooler filled with refreshments wherever they go. They are the original sunbather, afternoon napper, and comfort seeker. They go for the adventures that are fun, yet also make time to relax. Heroclip is their perfect companion and a clever gift idea for them this holiday season. The professional recreationalist will have endless possibilities of uses like hanging a speaker off their hammock, clipping a bottle opener to their cooler, and organizing their gear closet. These people come to every situation prepared so all they have to do is enjoy their time. Heroclip can help them carry their water bottle, hat, chair, spikeball kit, floatie donut, and lounge day essentials so they’re prepared for whatever they end up doing that day.

This list is far from exhaustive when it comes to the types of people we think would love the Heroclip. More versatile than just any clip or carabiner, Heroclip makes the best gift for anyone you are shopping for this holiday season. The more days you have with a heroclip, the more creative ways you find to put this clever clip to use. This holiday season, we are making it easy for you to shop for multiple people on your list at once. Click here to check out our bundler. Use the bundler to mix and match three clips of each size in any colors you want. Your gift list has met its match.

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