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March 15, 2021

How to Become a Master of the Microadventure

Everyday life and responsibilities can make it challenging to go on as many adventures as you would like. COVID certainly adds additional challenges to that, with having travel advisories and precautions to keep everyone safe. But who says adventures have to be defined by weeks out in the wilderness, flights across the country, or trips planned out months in advance? We certainly don’t! Microadventures, a term coined by British Adventurer, Alastair Humphrey, are adventures that are close to home, inexpensive, and the perfect way to fill up that adventure craving in your heart in a way that anyone can do....

March 08, 2021

5 Reasons Heroclip is a Weekend Getaway Essential

With all of the time many folks are spending in their homes, the quick weekend getaway to a local destination provides a nice change of scenery and time to relax, adventure, or maybe a little of both in a safe and responsible way. While weekend trips don’t require the extensive packing that a 2-week trip overseas does, there are still some things that are essential for a short getaway. With its versatility and packability, Heroclip is a great trip essential to add to your packing list. From creating a more efficient packing process to keeping your bags off the floors...

February 22, 2021

How an Adventure Photographer Uses Heroclip on His Travels (Photo Essay)

My name is Jasper Gibson and I’m an outdoor adventure photographer. At the sound of that, you might have visions of me aiming my camera while hanging by a rope off a cliff, or hopping out of a helicopter onto a remote ice-covered lake. Those moments exist, and they’re awesome. But for every one of those, there are a hundred moments of adjusting a tripod, outlining a shoot itinerary or hustling through a podunk airport to catch a flight. It’s a job that requires a lot of travel (something covid has severely impacted, and is just now regaining a bit...

February 08, 2021

Ski Gear Essentials to Bring to the Slopes

Packing up to hit the slopes involves a long list of gear. Skis, snowboard, boots, goggles, gloves – all the must haves when heading out to the mountain for a day of runs. But it’s important to think of the non-obvious details, too – the handy items that keep you comfy, organized and properly fueled. From hydration tablets to stay energized, to Heroclips for hanging your gear, to goggle spray that fights the dreaded “fog gogg”, the list we provide below will ensure that your day on the slopes will be that much more enjoyable. Essential #1: Hydration Tablets Carving...

March 05, 2018

Heroclip's a Cool Gadget, Feature Courtesy of Digital Trends

Heroclip spotted in the world wide web, this time in a lineup of great gear and gadgets any adventurer would be happy to have. There are solar powered showers and coffee makers, and other gems that just make camping and getting outdoors easier - which is what we made Heroclip for!

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