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$14.99 USD
$15.99 USD
Universal Gear Attacher (4-pack)
$14.99 USD
$15.99 USD
- Place behind any fabric, attach a carabiner or Heroclip - Works on all fabrics, tents, backpacks, & tarps - Does not cause damage - Hang gear in areas you never thought of before
Gobi Gear SegSac Traveler - Urbanite and Backpacker's Secret Weapon - 18.5L
$44.95 USD
$49.49 USD
Smartly divided into 5 inner compartments, The SegSac Traveler can separate your items, such as dirty from clean, cold weather gear from warm, and anything else you’d like to keep tabs on. Bag opens from both ends so you can flip it over and get what you need fast! A secret inner pocket stows...
Luci Lantern - Outdoor 2.0 Pro
$44.95 USD
Heroclip & MPOWERD have teamed up! Heroclip and MPOWERD are bringing something truly special to you this year: a custom Luci Outdoor Pro 2.0 featuring artwork by Heroclip, and a unique Heroclip medium with striking blue and orange colors. Use your new Heroclip to hang your gear off tree branches, walls,...