Hero Ambassadors

Meet The Heroclip Ambassador Team

Introducing Our First-ever Heroclip Ambassador Team! Just like Heroclip, our ambassadors are multifaceted.

Made up of people who inspire, motivate and influence others, no matter what their passion, our Squad goes above and beyond to accomplish amazing things. When faced with the unexpected, these everyday people achieve the extraordinary. Because when you believe anything is possible, nothing should hold you back.

Paxton plays as hard as he works and when the weekend arrives, you’ll probably find him in the mountains. Whether, skiing, mountain biking, or hoofin’ it on a thru hike he gets out there as far as possible.

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Paxton Hall

For Abbey, life is all about living it to its fullest and she’s always ready for the next adventure. You can find her near the surf. She can also be found camping out in the backcountry or waist team in bluebird pow, good luck keeping up!

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Abbey Nelson

Rafa describes his style of adventure as a “very spontaneous, on-the-go kind of thing. Rarely planned.” All the more reason to keep a Heroclip at the ready.  We’d describe his style as inspiring and he certainly is living a life we can all aspire to!

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Rafa Godoi

Not just an angler who’s always ready to chase fish in new waters with great people, Jenny is also a teacher, bringing new folks into the water, encouraging women to get out and fish together. Say hi and find out what new water she has on her radar.

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Jenny O'Brian

Jasper is an adventure photographer who specializes in getting out to the seldom seen corners of nature. Lucky for us, he always brings back incredible photos so we can get a glimpse of where he’s been. Stay tuned to get a look through Jasper’s lens!

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Jasper Gibson

If you ever hear an angelic voice belting out high notes from atop a gnarly trad route, it might be Lizzy. She’s at home in the outdoors and she has a knack for roping her friends into adventures (they’re always happy she did, once it’s over).

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Lizzy VanPatten