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Lulabop is an active lifestyle product company located in Seattle. Lulabop was founded by Mina Yoo who realized, with the birth of her first baby and her first summit up Mt. Rainier soon afterwards, that some of life's greatest adventures require lugging a lot of stuff. Lulabop began with the Qlipter, a revolutionary carabiner with a rotating, folding hook that has been called by one early reviewer,"infinitely useful for anyone living on earth."

Our values are simple: 1) Make high quality products, 2) make products that make life easier and 3) help others make high quality products that make life easier. We believe in our larger community of customers, investors and partners, and that innovation and company growth can only be achieved by being deeply committed to and engaged with the entire community.  

As we continue expanding our product offerings, we welcome you to talk to us about other products you would like to see us make!

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The Team


Mina Yoo

Mina was born in Seoul, Korea, and grew up in Dubai, U.A.E., and Jakarta, Indonesia. Moving to the United States, she earned her B.A. in Sociology from Brown University and her dual Ph.D. in Business and Sociology from the University of Michigan, earning nationally the Best Dissertation Award in her field with her work on social networks and entrepreneurship. Prior to founding Lulabop, Mina worked as a professor at the University of Washington Foster School of Business and as Visiting Faculty Fellow at Stanford University. During her career as an academic, she taught Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior and Corporate Strategy to executives, doctoral students, MBA students and undergraduates while researching entrepreneurship, social networks and economic development.


Mina’s favorite activities are Crossfit, traveling, playing with her kids Kai and Mila, wine-tasting with her husband Mark (without her kids!) and coming up with new ideas for products that help families hang out together.


Ciara Duff


Ciara is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and early-stage businesses and has supported various founders, startups, and small business teams in Seattle since 2008. Deeply committed to continual self-education, she thrives on the challenges of igniting creativity in teams and improving project productivity through time management techniques and streamlined operations. A true adventurer, Ciara has a certificate in avalanche rescue and is learning how to co-pilot planes around the Puget Sound. On weekends, Ciara can be found exploring new local neighborhood restaurants, spinning, or paddle boarding on Lake Union with her hound dog Tucker and her partner Tyler.


Len Backus


Len is a startup sales guy. He has been a sales team leader at over a dozen startups, taking two through IPOs as VP Sales and VP International. He earned a BS is Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington and an MS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California as a Hughes Masters Fellow. He quickly migrated from electronics engineering to technical sales and sales leadership roles. He has spent most of his career applying the resources needed to close the deals that make the numbers. Now he engineers sales organizations, building teams, distribution channels and processes that use modern tools to provide metrics and deliver results. When not trying to sell something to someone, you will find him trying to catch up with his young family or tinkering in his shop hoping to invent the next great idea.


John Bandringa


John is an award-winning industrial designer with over 25 years of experience. With 10 patents granted and another 15 pending, John has designed for household name consumer brands such as Apple, Sonicare, Levitan, Starbucks, Volkswagen and Audi. An entrepreneur himself, he also has a product (with great reviews) being sold under his own brand Movaic with several more consumer products in development. His passions outside of design are motorcycles, cars, helicopters, airplanes and anything that goes fast.


Andy Hui


In the last 15 years, he has been managing the challenges of sourcing, product development, quality control, and logistics for US clients manufacturing in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Andy is also a wine aficionado.Andy has been on all sides of consumer products in the U.S. and Asia for the past 20 years. With a Manufacturing Engineering degree from Hong Kong Polytechnic, Andy began his career as a buyer for Radio Shack in Hong Kong, became Product Development Manger for Radio Shack, USA, then returned to his home to become Merchandising Manager.