1. What is Heroclip?

Heroclip is the tool that can hold whatever you want wherever you want it! Backpacks, lanterns and hydration systems from tree branches, gear from fences and trees, travel bags from doors, a bag from a suitcase handle, paint buckets from ladder rungs (I don’t know about you, but we’ve kicked over an open can of paint once or twice), buckets from gutters, purses from tables―the list goes on.

2. How is Heroclip different from other hooks, clips, and fasteners?

Unlike other fasteners that only function in one way (a clip, or a hook, or a tie), Heroclip enables users to both hook and clip gear. Heroclip’s patented 360-degree swivel and two-jointed folding hook system make hanging effortless, allowing items to hang straight from even the most awkward spots and providing convenient access to whatever is being stored. The extra-large gate on the carabiner makes it easier to insert items than other clips. In addition, Heroclip is made of individually machined aircraft grade aluminum, giving it both strength and a premium look and feel.

3. What can I hang on a Heroclip?

Use your imagination! Almost anything weighing up to 60 lbs will hang securely from our current model. See other uses in our Youtube video.

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4. What can Heroclip hang from?

Ledges, doors, tables, corners, fences! With its rubberized tip and wide clip gate, Heroclip can hang from just about anything!

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5. What's the difference between Qlipter, Qliplet, and Heroclip?

Since we first came up with the concept for this essential tool, we have made a lot of progress. We initially launched the first general hook-clip as Qlipter by Lulabop. Based on feedback from our users, we released the second generation as Qliplet (common misspellings Qiplet and Quiplet). In mid-2017, we decided to rebrand as “Heroclip” as the new name embodied our spirit and desire to turn everyone into heroes who fit the extraordinary into their days. Our latest Heroclip model uses an even stronger variant of aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durability and a slightly higher weight threshold.

The Qliplet/Heroclip is about 20% smaller than the Qlipter. In terms of design, the Qliplet/Heroclip uses a completely different pivot system. Rather than having one rotation and one folding point, the Qliplet/Heroclip has two folding hinges and a rotating joint to help hanging items find their natural center of gravity.

Our closing mechanism has been redesigned as well so that the spring retains the hook when closed. The foot of of the hook has a rubber overmold to increase grip when resting on surfaces.

The Qliplet/Heroclip is made out of solid aluminum using CNC machining while the Qlipter uses a die-cast process. This allows us to offer more colors and a smooth, anodized finish on our new models.

Qlipter and Qliplet are rated to hold up to 50 lbs of gear. Heroclip now holds up to 60 lbs of gear!

6. I can't close my Heroclip. Is it broken?

The hook part needs to be swiveled to the side to be able to close it, as demonstrated in this video:

7. Why isn't my discount code working?


Please check to see whether the code is for our website or for Amazon.com. For our website, the coupon code is entered in the first step of checkout. On mobile, click to Expand Order Summary. If your code is for Amazon.com, make sure it says "Sold by HEROCLIP" in the cart during checkout. If issues persist, please email adventure@myheroclip.com.

8. What kind of shipping do you use for U.S. purchases?

At this time, we use USPS for standard shipping. For expedited shipping, please order from our Amazon listing.

9. How are international orders handled?

PLEASE NOTE: International purchases may be subject to specific Customs fees and/or taxes. Your Customs office or package carrier will contact you for details.

International orders are processed and shipped very similarly to our domestic orders by APC. The APC does not guarantee arrival dates, but we expect most orders carried by APC to arrive in 10 - 25 business days. On international orders, the recipient is responsible for payment of applicable duties, taxes and other fees. Gift orders may be assessed duty depending on the country. Please contact your customs office for information on duties, taxes and restricted items.

10. What is your return policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and it was made online, you can return your order to the warehouse within 30 days for a full refund. Returns are only accepted for U.S. orders. Please send an email to adventure@myheroclip.com to initiate the return process.

11. I need to cancel an order, what do I do?

If you would like to cancel your order, please send us a message at adventure@myheroclip.com as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to cancel it before it leaves the warehouse.

12. Do your products have a warranty?

Heroclip products are built to last. We have a Limited Lifetime Warranty and stand behind every product we ship. If there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace your product immediately. If you believe you have a defective Heroclip, Please send the following info to adventure@myheroclip.com:

1) when you bought your Heroclip,

2) where you bought it,

3) the problem you are experiencing (pictures would be even better!).

13. How many products do you sell?

Heroclip is our flagship product, and we are working on new products. Join our mailing list to learn when new products come out and to receive special deals and promotions!

14. Can I share a picture, video or blog about using my Heroclip with you?

Yes, we would love it if you did! Please send anything and everything Heroclip-related to adventure@myheroclip.com.

15. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we do! Please email sales@myheroclip.com for more information.

16. What is Heroclip Design?

Heroclip Design is a new line of Heroclips that feature two-tone designs, patterns, and other enhancements that set them apart from our original line of colors! Options include our Woodland Hero camoflauge Heroclip with blacked out spring and rivits, or our extra fun, Go Play Heroclip Mini with rainbow colors and baby blue accents. Express yourself better with Heroclip Design products. Visit our product pages to see available Heroclips.