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Intern/Associate Roles In Business Growth Marketing 

Company: Lulabop

We have fundraised over $78,000 on Kickstarter and $139,000 on IndieGoGo, as well as appeared in stores like REI and Brookstone. We are looking for innovative associates to be part of our growing brand. This opportunity will allow you to be around expert brand builders, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

About our culture and values that our team members resonate with:

Our mission:

Give people an extra hand so that they are never short-handed, no matter what they are doing.

Who we are:

An active lifestyle brand producing simple solutions for everyday challenges.

We are much more than just a carabiner company, this is just the start.

There are times when the ground is not an option. When you need to suspend the laws of gravity. When you need a helping hand. Every time you find yourself needing a hero, Lulabop’s hero clip is the answer. It easily clips, hooks and hangs what you need for as long as you need it. Backpacks. Diaper bags. Fifty pounds of potatoes. Whatever, whenever, however. Never find yourself shorthanded.

Our primary audience:

The short-handed consumer. We call them ‘short-handed’ only because they keep reaching for the stars. Our core consumer is drawn from the over 40% of Americans that are college educated, participate in multiple activities weekly, and demand more from themselves and their lives. They’re looking for products that offer them the power to do more. They’re looking for the hero clip. In your application for step 3 (described at the bottom), include your favorite picture of the Qliplet or Qlipter used by customers.

Our core values:

  1. We keep moving, active is good.

We believe the people who need to have creative solutions to life’s problems are the ones living life to the fullest, juggling families, work, home and outdoor recreation. Creativity is born from necessity. We create for agents of meaningful change.

  1. We overcome obstacles through ingenuity.

Life is full of challenges. Just as the hero clip was invented to provide a multi-purpose solution for everyday problems, we value creativity and ingenuity in our customers and team. We are everyday “MacGyvers.”

  1. We are in this because we love it.

While we are about serious business, our product helps people enjoy what they do, or avoid what they don’t. We believe in creating a culture that celebrates opportunities for joy, convenience, and fun.

  1. Sharing is caring. Information wants to be free. We share our knowledge through the power of story, helping teach others how to use our products, where we get our ideas, or helping others blaze their own trails. In turn, we constantly encourage and actively listen to our customers, partners, investors and the larger entrepreneurial community.

What you will be doing:

Daily functions will vary quite a bit. We will have 3 associates that will work as a group, this way you can pick roles that you are best at and that you are excited to learn. In your application, include which of the tasks below are your top 3 of interest. Tasks include (but are not limited to): 

- Finding interesting materials online and saving in our database for future use (cool videos, excellent content from other brands, etc.)

- Reach out to others with relevant audiences that will benefit from our product or story
- Monitoring social media presence 
- Design graphics for use on social media 

- Foster and help build brand identity
- Contribute to writing blog posts and social media 
- Style photos at direction of Director 
- Market research which includes identifying key influencers 
- Analyze data for what posts our audience prefers or not 

Other skills: 
- Proficient use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; explore the opportunities on SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. 
- Organized, both online and offline, and able to multi-task
- Positive attitude, willingness to learn and pitch in wherever needed

- Independence. Figure stuff out, then teach us about what you found.
- Clear and concise communicator

Required mindset:

- Think like an entrepreneur!

- Acceptance of “fail and learn” mentality to test multiple ideas, take action, then improve

- Growth mindset. Every task you carry out should be thought of in a way how to optimize it over time, find other tools that will make it more efficient, or discover other resources that will create growth opportunities.

Areas of career interest:

Digital Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Graphic Design, Branding, Business Development, Customer Service, Blogging, Product Marketing, Sales, Lead Generation, Market Research, Customer Relationship Management, Facebook Advertising, Campaign Management, Communication Skills, Content Marketing, Marketing Management, Growth Hacking

Areas of topic/context interest:

Life-Hacking, Adventure Travel, Business Travel, Outdoor, Hiking, Camping, Home Improvement, Home Organization, Gadgets for Fashion, Parents, Mom Gadgets

This experience is focused on training you with real hands-on experience that will develop a strong project portfolio, reference/recommendation, and college credit (if you ask for it). This is not a full-time paid position and future work is not guaranteed but you will have the opportunity to work with professionals with experience in some of the popular brands. In your application, include which of the careers and topics above are your top 3 for each, or other ones not mentioned.
We will have weekly feedback sessions and will enjoy lunch & learn sessions on various growth topics. Part of our goal will be to have you commit time that is devoted to additional training and learning specific to topics that you are interested in (for instance, how to make videos go viral, how to communicate effectively with influencers and social media celebrities, how to convince anyone of anything through copywriting and branding, etc.).

To apply: 

    1. Please create a resume outlining your experience (class projects, personal projects like a Facebook page, etc.) AND any results/outcomes from your work. Links to public projects are suggested (website, social media pages, etc.).
    2. Go to to take the DISC assessment, include your results along with your resume.
    3. In email, specify if you are interested in the intern/stipend position or more experienced junior marketer role. Send all materials and URLs to


The student will undergo a 3 month training, paid part-time with schedule flexibility (starting May 2017). One of the three associates may be considered for a full-time position at the end of the trial period. 

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