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Our Story

We make life easier

HEROCLIP, a Lulabop brand, is an active lifestyle company producing simple solutions for everyday challenges. CEO Mina Yoo came up with the idea for our flagship product line, Qlipter and Qliplet (soon to be re-branded as HEROCLIP) shortly after she had her first baby and while training to summit Mt. Rainier. Mina realized that two hands were simply not enough for all the gear that comes with living a full, adventurous life. So, she decided to create an "extra hand," in the simplest possible form: a 3-in-1 clip, swivel, and hook system. This ingenious clip is now the HEROCLIP flagship line. With two utility patents granted and two crowdfunding campaigns under our belts, we are building a global brand with multiple product lines.  Our user base is a community of everyday adventurers and active explorers of all kinds, connected by a theme of constant motion, sharing and overcoming obstacles through ingenuity.  


Let's keep moving.  Together.

    • We keep moving; active is good. We believe the people who need creative solutions to life’s problems are living life to the fullest—juggling families, work, home and outdoor recreation. Creativity is born from necessity. We create products for agents of meaningful change.
    • We overcome obstacles through ingenuity. Life is full of challenges. Just as HEROCLIP was invented to provide a multi-purpose solution for everyday problems, we value creativity and ingenuity in our customers and team.  We are everyday “MacGyvers.”
    • We are in this because we love it. We take our business seriously, but our product helps people enjoy what they do, or avoid what they don’t. We believe in creating a culture that celebrates opportunities for joy, convenience, and fun.
    • Sharing is caring. Information wants to be free. We share our knowledge through the power of story, helping teach others how to use our products, where we get our ideas, or helping others blaze their own trails.  In turn, we constantly encourage and actively listen to our customers, partners, investors and the larger entrepreneurial community.


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Mina Yoo, Ph.D.

CEO, Founder, Inventor

Mina founded Lulabop when she realized, with the birth of her first baby and her first summit up Mt. Rainier soon afterwards, that some of life's greatest adventures require lugging a lot of stuff. Originally from Seoul, Korea, she grew up in Dubai, U.A.E., and Jakarta, Indonesia. She earned her B.A. in Sociology from Brown University and her dual Ph.D. in Business and Sociology from the University of Michigan, earning nationally the Best Dissertation Award in her field with her work on social networks and entrepreneurship. Mina worked as a professor at the University of Washington Foster School of Business and as Visiting Faculty Fellow at Stanford University. Mina’s favorite activities are CrossFit, traveling, playing with her kids Kai and Mila, wine tasting with her husband Mark (without her kids!) and coming up with new ideas for products that help families hang out together.

Ciara Duff

Chief of Community and Operational Efficiency

Ciara is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and early-stage businesses and has supported various founders, startups, and small business teams in Seattle since 2008. A true adventurer, Ciara has a certificate in avalanche rescue and is learning how to co-pilot planes around the Puget Sound. On weekends, Ciara can be found exploring new local neighborhood restaurants, spinning, or paddle boarding on Lake Union with her hound dog Tucker.

Jason Solomon

Sales Director

Jason is responsible for building and maintaining customer relationships and brings years of sales and trade show management experience to the team. He received his BA from Hampton University and got his start​ in sales​ with a Seattle-area boat builder before moving on to ​high-end ​kitchen electrics. When not in the office, he can be found in the gym, exploring the Puget Sound-area or playing with his Singapura cat, Percy. Jason is also an avid pop culture fan, considering any all things Star Wars to be his "jam."

Yev Marusenko lulabop heroclip

Yev Marusenko, Ph.D.

Director of Ecommerce and Growth Analytics

Yev is always finding innovative ways to interpret data and optimize the customer journey. His research skills and environmental science expertise have contributed to an impressive academic career. Today Yev uses his left and right brain to connect distinct resources and ideas - such as integrating data technology and website tools with big-picture strategy across multi-channel marketing media. In his spare time he's learning from top marketers in mastermind groups and also mentoring other entrepreneurs on effective growth-hacks that create value for audiences. His actual spare time and more is devoted to his wife and a very active explorer 1-year old son.

Ian M. Jones

Content Creator

Ian is a lifelong creative always hungry for a new outlet. Since graduating with a degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2015, he has been working and developing his skills as a graphic designer. His history with art and design stretches back to before college, when he was an aspiring illustrator and regular game industry content creator, making graphics and videos for the web and YouTube. To date, Ian has worked across digital and print design, in video and in graphics, and is excited to utilize his range of creative skills at HEROCLIP. When not at work, Ian enjoys exploring the outdoors, trying new foods, playing his guitar, and working on his own creative projects.

John Bandringa

Lead Product Designer

John is an award-winning industrial designer with over 25 years of experience. With 10 patents granted and another 15 pending, John has designed for household name consumer brands such as Apple, Sonicare, Levitan, Starbucks, Volkswagen and Audi. His passions outside of design are motorcycles, cars, helicopters, airplanes and anything that goes fast.

Andy Hui

Manufacturing and Sourcing Manager

In the last 15 years, Andy has been managing the challenges of sourcing, product development, quality control, and logistics for US clients manufacturing in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has been on all sides of consumer products in the U.S. and Asia for the past 20 years. Andy is also a wine aficionado.



Meredith Han

Amazon, (sold to Walmart), Brooks Running

Leo Lam, Ph.D.

Angel investor, consultant

Jeremy Ames

Serial entrepreneur; current founder/ president of Guidant Financial, a financing services startup

Cat Kennedy

Angel investor, entrepreneur, consultant

Andy Liu

Serial entrepreneur with multiple exits (including, sold to Vizio)

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