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Our fans have are raving about the Qliplet!
Check out what they have to say below:


Boyscout Dad

"I keep at least one Qliplet on every back-pack, brief case, camera bag and range bag I own as they come in handy at any time for any reason especially to hold said bags off the ground. Recently we camped with the scouts overnight and did not need our standard hiking packs, but a small back pack to hold a change of clothes, tooth brush and sleeping bag. As that particular backpack is not designed to hold the sleeping bag roll, I used 2 Qliplets to secure the sleeping bag to the backpack from the bottom of the shoulder straps. When I put the pack on, it cause the Qliplets to ride out on the strap tightening the sleeping bag roll to the bottom of the pack and out of the way for the few hundred foot walk to the cabin."

Favorite Uses: securing hiking gear, hanging packs in bathroom stalls, holding bags up off of the ground



"I love things that clip on stuff. I have a 2 1/2 year old and when you're with your kid in the bathroom, you don't want to set anything on the floor in a public bathroom because it's disgusting. You can clip it on anything to a changing table to a backpack. I do enough with her that I can move around and not have to worry about anything, like finding a place to hang stuff."

Favorite Uses: hanging diaper bags in public bathrooms

Kevin Paulson

Founder of

“Every once in awhile you stumble on a gear gem; the Qliplet is such a gem. This is a carabiner on steroids.”

Mark Moglia


“Great invention. I bought this clip after reading several reviews and all I can say it is great. I used it this past weekend on a trip and it was able to hold all my stuff together.”


Woman on the Go

“I use the qliplet when I am running errands. I hang my bag off the head rest with it and use it at the grocery store. My husband used it to hang a waterproof speaker from his kayak this weekend! So far, it's showing no sign of scratching and seems very well-made.”